Managing Consultant Mike Hurst CPP® has an extensive network within the sector as a result of his professional and volunteer activities. 

Manipulation via Dopamine by Scott Adams via @Dilbert_Daily #marketing.

What will be turning your head this April?

ʎʇıɹnɔǝS uoıʇɐıʌ∀ ɔSW

Another insightful post from the Surveillance Camera Commissioner, highlighting that it is likely to be private sector operators rather than policing that will drive the implementation of AFR & predictive algorithms as companies se…

People Jeremy Corbyn will talk to:

• Hamas

• Hezbollah

• The IRA

• Press TV

• Anti-semites

• Other terrorists

People Jeremy Corbyn won’t talk to:

• Chuka Umunna

Counter Terrorism Protective Security Advice
for Places of Worship

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